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Filching Manor Autosolo

The MGCCSE is delighted to announce that the Filching Manor Autosol is back for 2024.

You are invited to join us in East Sussex on the old Go-Kart track at the Manor for a day of high octane fun competing against fellow MGs and the competitors from the Sevenoaks & District Motor Club. 

Autosolos are similar to Autotests but with one crucial difference – there is no reversing! There are three test routes during the day laid out on the track itself by a series of cones and direction markers so you shouldn’t get lost, You will attempt each test three times with the best two in each section going towards your final score.

There will be a lunch break and a chance to look around the Filching Manor collection of cars and the Campbell collection including the K3 powerboat.

This is a taster event and is open to non-affiliated MotorsportUK entrants. The MGCCSE is affiliated as is the Sevenoaks & District Motor Club who are helping to stage the event.

You can take part on an ordinary Driving Licence – all you need is a free MotorsportUK RS Clubman Licence which you can obtain on the button below.

Entry is £45 per entrant payable by Bank Transfer (more than one person can use the same vehicle)

To find out more about the event and the supplementary regulations, click the button below.


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