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MGCCSE Spring Naviscat in Ockley

Join MGCCSE for the first competition of the year. The Spring Naviscat. These Naviscats are just a single step up from the well-known Treasure Hunts, just requiring the knowledge of how to plot a 6-figure map reference, using a romer or similar to locates the clues. You will need to have a copy of the Ordnance Survey map 1987 – Dorking & Reigate, 2013 edition. (Copies are easily available from 

The Spring Naviscat begins and ends at The Inn on the Green in Ockley, Surrey where you can enjoy a Sunday lunch after spending the morning in the surrounding lanes busting clues.

Naviscats or Navigational Scatters as they are properly known test your map reading and plotting skills with clue-busting on three levels. They are the next step above the treasure hunt type event and you will need a crew of two people – one to navigate and one to drive. Both can then help solve the clues. Navigation is of your own choosing after plotting a number of points on an Ordnance Survey map.

All you need to bring is a pencil, metric ruler (or romer) and an OS Map number 187 for Dorking & Reigate (2013 edition). You’ll also need a free RS Clubman licence available by filling in a form on the MotorsportUK website – click the button below.

For more details and click the button below - complete the registration over on the MGCCSE website.

The cost is £12 per car for MGCC members or MotorsportUK affiliated members and £15 for non members. This is a MotorsportUK Taster and Streetcar event and, as such, is open to anyone who would like to “have a go”.


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